Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When are you going to update your blog?!

My mom hears that question from me often...... funny thing is I am just like her when it comes to this blogging thing!! (and I don't have quite as good of an excuse)

Anywho she just updated hers and I got thinking I should do at least  a little something on mine. I just emptied my pictures from my camera and I know it will take more than one post to really catch up on things but we will try a few for now!

First of my husband got a promotion!! YAY! I am so excited and happy for him (and already LOVING his new schedule. It allows us more family time after his work so summer water here we come!!)

We also have taken Jayden to see the ducks twice this week. We drove all the way out to the place in Provo that ALWAYS has ducks and guess what?!... NO DUCKS!! in fact no water anymore either. I can't tell you how bummed I was, but we ended up going to Gardner Village and finding three ducks and Jayden loved them! 

Jayden and Daddy looking at the ducks and throwing bread for them

We had another little bird come nearby...

And he enjoyed the bread too!!

Now closer to the ducks, Jayden was so excited

Don't you love this little expression?!

All three ducks were pretty big, but Jayden was not scared at all.

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We are trying to leave but Jayden didn't want to
After we saw the ducks, we went to the cute little sweets shop there. Daddy got some Jelly Bellies, I got some yummy fudge (we both shared with Jayden) and he got some Pop Rocks. I really wanted to see what Jayden thought of this fun treat, I loved them when I was little and found that I still do haha.

He wasn't too sure at first

Then he decided they were funny. He spent a good portion of the ride home with his mouth open... of course until I tried to take a picture of it!

He had the Pop Rocks stuck all over his hand!