Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can anyone say VACATION?!

Jayden on the beach relaxing in his chair (and munching some cheetos)
So I know I have been back from my vacation several weeks now but ya know.. that is how life is right now. I'm sure you can relate right?!

Anyway, we took TWO vacations this year (sort of making up for last year when we didn't take any) First we went to the condo at Bear Lake. We planned on taking off Monday morning but Jason was so excited he took work off early and we ended up heading there Sunday night so we could be at the beach. We had a total blast! I wasn't sure what cute little Jayden would think of the sand this year but he absolutely LOVED it! (except when it was hot of course) We had so much fun at the beach at Bear Lake we never even went to the pools! I am totally going to photo bomb right now because I have so many pictures to post and dont know what to leave out!! :-) So this post will be Bear Lake and I will make a new one that shows our second vacation at Hot August Nights in Reno and Lake Tahoe!
All my boys relaxing on the beach!
Daddy getting Jayden ready to go out on his car boat

Hallie wanted to go help push "baby Jayden"
Yes I even jumped in the water (which was not bad at all this year) to push my little buddy

Cute little chunky Landon hanging out with mommy
Our little stud

He was always munching on something up there.. but still managed to stay skinny! Wish I had his energy so I could do that!

My awesome husband (trying to look cool haha)
This is how Landon slept while we were at the beach, he did pretty dang good too!
Me eating up the fact that Jayden would cuddle (even if he was just using me to get warm!!)

Jayden completely zonked from all the activities!
Jayden was laying in the sand while looking for seashells with me. Can you guess which side he was laying on?!

Well there he is, promise he isnt asleep! ha

Where are mom and dad going to sleep?!

Jayden and his uncle Jesse. He loves him so much!
And we don't want to forget to show you some of the family that was up there with us!
Princess Hallie with her Prince Daddy

Abby and Daddy heading to play in the water a bit

Most people make sand castles. This year a sand Eagle was on the beach with us....

Abby, Josh, Daddy, and Nate after it was done. Pretty neat huh?! Way to go dad!
Josh and Nate going on a ride with Jesse
Hallie and Mommy getting ready for their ride!

My mom taking all these little ones on a ride, way to go muscles mom! I could barely row myself!!