Saturday, October 13, 2012

We love Halloween!

I don't have long to post but I had to show this! Lately I have been singing Halloween songs to the boys. They love it and want me to repeat them over and over and over. We are also loving "The 5 little pumpkins" and the other day while daddy was bathing Jayden and I was playing with Landon I decided to record it. I will have to do another with both of them because its too cute but for now here is little Lando (after just eating dinner)

I am so lucky to have such cute little boys! They are so fun and crack me up!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New City

Sorry for being gone yet again, I am getting rid of facebook so HELLO to more blogging! I decided I want to spend less time on the internet. I would also rather spend the time I do on the internet writing about the things we are doing or trying out those cool digital photobooks.

So, since my last blog we have moved, it has been crazy and fun and weird. I have never lived outside of the SLC valley, and while I have loved visiting other places I have always loved coming home to the beautiful green mountains and the things I know best.

Now we live in the desert, and I don't mean the desert like SLC is a "desert" I mean lots of rocks and sagebrush. When looking at places to move we saw several cute homes but none had yards, or any grass in sight! So when I saw the outside of this place I was so excited! It has a cute little pool, cute outsides with a mixture of some rocks and..............GRASS!! Our back area is smaller than the last place BUT we have bought some water toys and played out on the grass on multiple occasions already and the boys have LOVED it!

We have explored some splash pads, and the pool that is literally a two minute walk down the parking lot. We have gone to Las Vegas a few times, once to shop for Jaydens birthday coming up and the other to go see the white lions at the MGM Grand. Jayden loved the dolphins there as well and kept telling us they were sharks. Jason would say "Look Jayden a dolphin" to which Jayden would respond "Ya, dolphin! Look a shark" it was so cute! we saw them jumping out of the water above and had them come swim past us several times where you can actually be below and see them in the water.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Lately we have fallen in love going to see the ducks. We headed off yesterday with daddy and lots of bread to one of our favorite duck spots! Right when we got there we were greeted by a cute little duck that came and at the bread right out of our hands! He nipped Jaydens finger trying to get a smaller piece in Jaydens hand so he got a little nervous, but still would feed him if we were holding a big roll. He was loving it and named the duck "mommy" :-) Landon also got in on the action and feed "Mommy" a bit of a roll out of his hand too.

It was so much fun seeing all of the babies! Jayden and Landon were thrilled! This time we even came across a group of turtles. I love going out places with my cute family! I'm also glad my cute J bear shares my love of ducks. (As I am posting this and watching the videos he is begging to go see the ducks again)
Jayden and Daddy looking at the turtles
Jadyen feeding "Mommy" the duck
A group of turtles relaxing in the sun

Some of the many baby ducks there swimming in the little pond

Jadyden sitting by a bunch of the baby ducks

We all thought this was a funny sight!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This last few weeks we have just basically had steady sickness at the house. Jayden had a really bad cold with a fever and cough and was being  lazy and grumpy (which he is totally not normally) Then Landon got it. Just as I was about to take them to the doctor Jayden started getting a bit better so I left it for a few days, but Landon got worse.
Now co-sleeping I think helps me see more in cases like this and Landon would have trouble eating at night and even had a coughing spell that scared the crap outta me and we ended up taking off to the ER.
When we got there Jayden was such a sweetie and played games on his beloved itouch and learned how to take pictures on it! (which he still loves) We had to get xrays for Landon to check for pneumonia. This was so hard I felt horrible! They had this plastic "cast" type thing that held his arms straight up and held him stiff so they could get a good picture. He was bawling but the doctor was so sweet. We went to pick Landon back up after the pictures were taken and he made a comment about how shocked he was. Usually when the babies see him after that torture they cry, but Landon didn't. Well at least not right then. We went back to the room and as the doctor was saying goodbye Landon looked at him and bawled. A little while later we got the diagnosis, no pneumonia but he has RSV. They gave us a "prescription" to get his nose sucked out as much as he needed 24/7 for the next ten days. I took him the next two nights and then it was a family affair the third (since he is worse at night) but we haven't gone back since. The very last night the guy said he had the worst so far that night his mucus was so thick it clogged the little sucker thing several times. Poor little guy.
Jayden has still had his little runny nose but my little sweetie doesn't complain. I asked him at one point (when it was fairly bad) if he wanted to go to the hospital and get it sucked out. He immediately said no lol it was so cute.
Hopefully our little guys get over it soon tomorrow I will write about all of the fun things that have been happening around here. For now I wanted to write about this so I wouldn't forget. My little boys are so precious!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vacation 2 (playing catch up again)

So its been awhile (again) the last post I actually started and saved and didn't finish until last night (this morning technically it was about 2 am) but I wanted to make sure I showed the vacations, and other things. Hopefully I can catch up and stay a little more on top of this. So summer vacations went like this.. We left that Sunday for Bear Lake and stayed up there until Thursday, we came home that day, then left the next day for Lake Tahoe! (yes lots and lots of driving!) Our two boys did remarkably well though considering their ages(23 months and 3 months) and over this trip time we drove about 2000 miles!
My sweet sister in law Misti offered up her home to us while we were there. I originally had my heart set on being up by the lake (like Bear Lake) but we decided to take her up on it. It was definitely fun and I was able to get to know her more which I thoroughly enjoyed. I still would love to go be right up by the lake sometime so we can spend more time playing there and enjoying the tourist things up there but I wouldn't trade what we did this time at all.
When we were up there we rented jet skiis and went parasailing! Misti wasn't sure about the parasailing at first but Jason decided to buy it for her (who can say no then?!) We both could tell she really wanted to try it and I'm so glad she did! Jas and I went first and our first "take off" was crazy. I swear we almost crashed into the boat several times! We ended up going back to get a different canopy since the wind was different out on the lake than they thought. It was soooooooooo fun! Also crazy though since we went up 1400'. The boat was seriously a little dot! I wish I would have had a second camera to take up there! It was way beautiful though.
Then it was Mistis turn. That brave girl went up by herself (Jason offered to do a tandem with her as well but she declined) She went up pretty far too about 600'! Then she decided to come down. It is so funny to see the person going up and them becoming smaller and smaller! We took some pictures of her way up there too!
Lake Tahoe is so clean and blue (like a different version of my beloved Bear Lake) The sand is more grainy so it doesn't kick up in a dust like it does in Bear Lake so the water stays that much more clear. GORGEOUS!  We also spent some time doing "tourist" type things like panning for gold! Jayden wasn't quite as into it as we thought (another year right?!) but it still was so cute to walk down the street in **** and see all the little old saloons. I think it would be fun to go there again when the kids are a little bigger and go into the museums and whatnot up there. We also got an old fashioned picture taken up there (I'll have to figure out how to post that) AND saw amazing wild horses just down the street. Can I say I am obsessed with them?! It is so amazing to see them in their little natural packs and how they interact with one another. They were so stunning and strong! We were also able to go down memory lane a bit with Jason on the way there and back. We stopped in Lovelock where he showed me his old schools, homes, parks he played at etc. We even got out on the way home and let Jayden play at one of them for awhile. It was so fun to finally see what these places looked like that I have heard so much about over the years. Cute Jason was like a little kid again! :-)