Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tadpoles and Frogs!

Summer has been going by way too fast! It has been pretty crazy with Jason working and me working but after trying for 8 months to get my schedule changed to mornings we have decided its best for me to quit. I am so happy! I am excited to spend more time with my boys without worrying about needing to be to work on time. I can go to the park or splash pad and be able to stay! (just the other day I went to the pool with my mom and dad (since Utah lakes little beach area is flooded) and Jayden only got to be there an hour because of my dang work! I may look for something but I am so happy to not be stressed about trying to get that schedule or any of my other work stresses anymore. :-)

Also we went to a pond nearby several weeks ago and caught tadpoles. I used to do this is a kid when we went to Goblin Valley and Jason and I have looked for them in the past but this year we found some! Two to be exact because it started down pouring on as Jason got those two and of course stopped when we got to the car, but we didnt want to risk it so we headed home with our catch and I was still so excited!!
I called my mom and she and my sister and I packed up all the kids and went and got more for each of us. The kids had a blast trying to catch them at was hot and a little crazy but definitely fun.
After this Jason and I went to get a tank to put them in. Jayden loved it!

He thought if he hid like this we couldnt see him!

I Love this cute little guy!

one of our little froglets now
Some of our tadpoles and froglets

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This shows you how little the frog is.

They love lettuce

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So far this summer...

Jayden excited for fireworks!
We have not had our vacation yet but it is coming and I am excited! BUT we have had some fun going to some splash parks and the canyons and even just playing around at home! I don't have long to post, as usual, BUT I wanted to post some pictures here with whats happening in our summer so far....

I was sitting on the curb and when I turned and saw this I just had to laugh! Such a precious boy

He didn't care too much for the sound the "screaming" fireworks made

Sparkler time!!

He had no fear with those sparklers, we really had to hold his hand good so he didnt go to crazy with it and burn himself!! (or us!)

Landon enjoying the fireworks

Sitting in the car watching other peoples fireworks while we waited for Thanksgiving points firework show to start! This is the first year aerial fireworks are legal here in Utah so there were plenty to see.

Just playing around in the car

I love when my little guy says "Cheese" and flashes that adorable grin my way

Jayden loves being around daddy no matter what he is doing

Jayden eating one of his favorite fruits........STRAWBERRIES! Just like his momma

Can you believe how big he is getting?!

Just after his shots poor guy, dont you just love those chunky legs though?

Trying to catch his little side smile. When either of the boys do that is makes me think of their daddy, I love it!

One of the few things he will grab right now is this binky

Came in our room after brushing my teeth and everything and had to run grab the camera. Cute Jason was so tired he couldn't wait for me this night. Landon always manages to end up in our bed (Some nights he just starts there and stays all night)

Jayden pretending he works on the phones like daddy and mommy.

What a cutie ba tutie!

And there were times when he was completely worn out....

Jason had quite a good puddle of drool on his shoulder. We wanted to go see the falls though so he carried our little guy.

Jayden and daddy looking at the falls

Too cute! Daddy and son

This is what they are looking at. Isn't it beautiful?!

Jayden pointing at the waterfall

Trying to get Jayden to smile at the camera but he was loving the waterfall too much!
He loves his daddy. He kept grabbing funny places like this to hold on and was laughing his head off, loving the rides his daddy was giving him.
Jayden and his best friend daddy. (even know he is pointing to the picture saying "who is that? Dada! and laughing) He was a lot more awake going back to the car from the falls than on the way there.  

Mom even gave him a ride as well

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two months already

Isnt it crazy how time flies?! Our little Landon is already 2 months old! (and just over 12 lbs!) He is getting so big! Jayden is the sweetest big brother too. Its so cute to watch how much his interactions with Landon have changed already. He went from pretty jealous (but still his sweet self) to pretty dang helpful. Now when Landon cries Jayden is usually the first one there, or running to me saying "uh oh" or "oh no" and pointing towards landon, or pulling my pants to drag me that direction. Its so cute to watch. I'm so lucky to have such a sweet little boy as the big brother to Landon. I'm sure they are going to be best buds!
Landon getting a bath
Cute J Bear playing in his room (With Landons Binky in his mouth of course!)