Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Lately we have fallen in love going to see the ducks. We headed off yesterday with daddy and lots of bread to one of our favorite duck spots! Right when we got there we were greeted by a cute little duck that came and at the bread right out of our hands! He nipped Jaydens finger trying to get a smaller piece in Jaydens hand so he got a little nervous, but still would feed him if we were holding a big roll. He was loving it and named the duck "mommy" :-) Landon also got in on the action and feed "Mommy" a bit of a roll out of his hand too.

It was so much fun seeing all of the babies! Jayden and Landon were thrilled! This time we even came across a group of turtles. I love going out places with my cute family! I'm also glad my cute J bear shares my love of ducks. (As I am posting this and watching the videos he is begging to go see the ducks again)
Jayden and Daddy looking at the turtles
Jadyen feeding "Mommy" the duck
A group of turtles relaxing in the sun

Some of the many baby ducks there swimming in the little pond

Jadyden sitting by a bunch of the baby ducks

We all thought this was a funny sight!