Sunday, May 22, 2011


 This week on Daddys day off it was raining pretty bad. We decided we still wanted to get out of the house (but not get drenched) so off to Cabelas we went!

First Stop was the fish tanks there were some pretty big fish in there!!

Jayden was holding onto daddy to help keep his balance while he was staring at the fish. So cute!
Jayden in awe staring at the big fish

 Next stop the African animals Jayden was a bit confused when he realized they were not moving.

Daddy was teasing Jayden, bet he didn't realize it would end up with his face getting squished by those cute little hands 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daddys Days off

After Landon was born Jas stayed at the hospital with me and then worked for a day and a half and then had his next two days off again. I LOVED this and so did Jayden (he loves his daddy so much! he is such a daddys boy)
Luckily since Landon has been born daddy has had a little time off with nice weather (not much but there really hasn't been much nice weather period, but we were able to take Jayden kite flying! He loved it! There was no wind but he really enjoyed running around with his daddy trying to get the kite up and keep it up. I was only a few days postpartum but I jumped in on the fun for a few too. Sadly I'm a little slower than I was in the past (okay maybe a lot slower) so I didn't spend as much time running as them, but oh well right?! It was fun to get out as a family in the nice spring weather. Hopefully more of that comes our way soon!!
getting ready to run!!

He had to stop and see what the fuzzy things were.

Trying to beat the kite!!

My little man coming to help me.
Finally able to stop running for a few minutes to fly the kite with daddy!
Kite flying wore him out BIG TIME!!

Same with Landon

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy week!

Our little family the morning of May 5th!
Well the last 10 days or so have been pretty crazy. We have a sweet little 20 month old boy (Jayden) and another cutie just born on May 5th of this year (Landon)

I don't have long to post but figured I'd try to do this with a few pictures, hopefully it works!
Daddy bringing in all moms stuff
Belly picture before I changed into the yucky looking hospital gown     

In the hospital waiting for Landon to decide to come!

Our sweet new addition Landon Bryce Croxford was born May 5th 2011 at 5:52 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 10 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. He has been a pretty healthy little guy. We stayed in the hospital for the next two nights and left Saturday (in the early afternoon as soon as we got the "go ahead" from Dr Judd. He was a little Jaundiced but not enough for him to need a light or anything, which is lucky. I think the lights are cool since you don't have to stay in the hospital BUT I'd rather not need a light at all. :-) Jason was able to take time off of work to be with my in the hospital which was wonderful, I loved having him be able to stay with me.

Here he is!! (Not long after delivery)

First time Jayden saw Landon

Jayden rubbing Landons head, his new favorite thing to do

All of mommys boys!

Jayden giving me a kiss goodbye our first night away from each other EVER!

Daddy and Jayden right before they left. (daddy came back and slept with me)

Right after his first bath

May 6th, Jaydens first time holding Landon


and more kisses!

Jayden stayed at my parents house (Thanks Grammy and Poppy!!) and it sounds like he had a wonderful time, and all the kids enjoyed him. My parents even were able to figure out how to "Jayden Proof" their house a little better which kept him off the counters and out of the bathroom sink etc. He is a little monkey!! All the kids were telling me how fun it was to have a sleepover with Jayden. I just hope we didn't wear my parents out too much.

My sister also helped with him for part of my labor so my parents could be at the hospital and be supports and help take pictures and videos etc. Thanks Megan, Wes, and Jesse!! (between my little guy, my sisters own kids, and my siblings they had 8 kids 5 and under between the 3 of them)

Jayden so far has been a good little brother, he helps give Landon his Binky, and says "uh-oh" when Landon cries and keeps repeating it until I get to Landon and get him to be quiet (that's my cute little J bear!!)
He also LOVES rubbing Landons head, probably because all of that soft hair. Either way its adorable, he did it the first time he saw him and still does it to this day!

We also had to run to the store to get Jayden new Binkies. He has still been using his green one from the hospital and wanted to take them from Landon since that is what Landon had as well. We bought some blue ones for Jayden so we would know which binky belongs to which baby. (Yes Jayden is still my baby too!)
There is more that we did but Landon is starting to decide he should be fed soon so I'm going to go get the burp cloth and everything. Its been nice today to have them both take a nap at the same time. Hopefully it stays this way! (fingers crossed)


Finally I have a blog! I may be a little late but better late than never right?! I tried to sit down and stat this a couple days ago and of course, my luck, blogger was down!! (for hours and hours I kept checking back) Glad its finally up and running again!
I'm sure there is so much to learn about this blogging thing (like adding pictures) but I kept putting it off because I wanted to know how to do things before I started... but then it has never happened so I figured I'd start and learn as I go! (hopefully the picture part will be easy) Wish me luck!