Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vacation 2 (playing catch up again)

So its been awhile (again) the last post I actually started and saved and didn't finish until last night (this morning technically it was about 2 am) but I wanted to make sure I showed the vacations, and other things. Hopefully I can catch up and stay a little more on top of this. So summer vacations went like this.. We left that Sunday for Bear Lake and stayed up there until Thursday, we came home that day, then left the next day for Lake Tahoe! (yes lots and lots of driving!) Our two boys did remarkably well though considering their ages(23 months and 3 months) and over this trip time we drove about 2000 miles!
My sweet sister in law Misti offered up her home to us while we were there. I originally had my heart set on being up by the lake (like Bear Lake) but we decided to take her up on it. It was definitely fun and I was able to get to know her more which I thoroughly enjoyed. I still would love to go be right up by the lake sometime so we can spend more time playing there and enjoying the tourist things up there but I wouldn't trade what we did this time at all.
When we were up there we rented jet skiis and went parasailing! Misti wasn't sure about the parasailing at first but Jason decided to buy it for her (who can say no then?!) We both could tell she really wanted to try it and I'm so glad she did! Jas and I went first and our first "take off" was crazy. I swear we almost crashed into the boat several times! We ended up going back to get a different canopy since the wind was different out on the lake than they thought. It was soooooooooo fun! Also crazy though since we went up 1400'. The boat was seriously a little dot! I wish I would have had a second camera to take up there! It was way beautiful though.
Then it was Mistis turn. That brave girl went up by herself (Jason offered to do a tandem with her as well but she declined) She went up pretty far too about 600'! Then she decided to come down. It is so funny to see the person going up and them becoming smaller and smaller! We took some pictures of her way up there too!
Lake Tahoe is so clean and blue (like a different version of my beloved Bear Lake) The sand is more grainy so it doesn't kick up in a dust like it does in Bear Lake so the water stays that much more clear. GORGEOUS!  We also spent some time doing "tourist" type things like panning for gold! Jayden wasn't quite as into it as we thought (another year right?!) but it still was so cute to walk down the street in **** and see all the little old saloons. I think it would be fun to go there again when the kids are a little bigger and go into the museums and whatnot up there. We also got an old fashioned picture taken up there (I'll have to figure out how to post that) AND saw amazing wild horses just down the street. Can I say I am obsessed with them?! It is so amazing to see them in their little natural packs and how they interact with one another. They were so stunning and strong! We were also able to go down memory lane a bit with Jason on the way there and back. We stopped in Lovelock where he showed me his old schools, homes, parks he played at etc. We even got out on the way home and let Jayden play at one of them for awhile. It was so fun to finally see what these places looked like that I have heard so much about over the years. Cute Jason was like a little kid again! :-)