Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daddys Days off

After Landon was born Jas stayed at the hospital with me and then worked for a day and a half and then had his next two days off again. I LOVED this and so did Jayden (he loves his daddy so much! he is such a daddys boy)
Luckily since Landon has been born daddy has had a little time off with nice weather (not much but there really hasn't been much nice weather period, but we were able to take Jayden kite flying! He loved it! There was no wind but he really enjoyed running around with his daddy trying to get the kite up and keep it up. I was only a few days postpartum but I jumped in on the fun for a few too. Sadly I'm a little slower than I was in the past (okay maybe a lot slower) so I didn't spend as much time running as them, but oh well right?! It was fun to get out as a family in the nice spring weather. Hopefully more of that comes our way soon!!
getting ready to run!!

He had to stop and see what the fuzzy things were.

Trying to beat the kite!!

My little man coming to help me.
Finally able to stop running for a few minutes to fly the kite with daddy!
Kite flying wore him out BIG TIME!!

Same with Landon

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