Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This last few weeks we have just basically had steady sickness at the house. Jayden had a really bad cold with a fever and cough and was being  lazy and grumpy (which he is totally not normally) Then Landon got it. Just as I was about to take them to the doctor Jayden started getting a bit better so I left it for a few days, but Landon got worse.
Now co-sleeping I think helps me see more in cases like this and Landon would have trouble eating at night and even had a coughing spell that scared the crap outta me and we ended up taking off to the ER.
When we got there Jayden was such a sweetie and played games on his beloved itouch and learned how to take pictures on it! (which he still loves) We had to get xrays for Landon to check for pneumonia. This was so hard I felt horrible! They had this plastic "cast" type thing that held his arms straight up and held him stiff so they could get a good picture. He was bawling but the doctor was so sweet. We went to pick Landon back up after the pictures were taken and he made a comment about how shocked he was. Usually when the babies see him after that torture they cry, but Landon didn't. Well at least not right then. We went back to the room and as the doctor was saying goodbye Landon looked at him and bawled. A little while later we got the diagnosis, no pneumonia but he has RSV. They gave us a "prescription" to get his nose sucked out as much as he needed 24/7 for the next ten days. I took him the next two nights and then it was a family affair the third (since he is worse at night) but we haven't gone back since. The very last night the guy said he had the worst so far that night his mucus was so thick it clogged the little sucker thing several times. Poor little guy.
Jayden has still had his little runny nose but my little sweetie doesn't complain. I asked him at one point (when it was fairly bad) if he wanted to go to the hospital and get it sucked out. He immediately said no lol it was so cute.
Hopefully our little guys get over it soon tomorrow I will write about all of the fun things that have been happening around here. For now I wanted to write about this so I wouldn't forget. My little boys are so precious!

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