Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New City

Sorry for being gone yet again, I am getting rid of facebook so HELLO to more blogging! I decided I want to spend less time on the internet. I would also rather spend the time I do on the internet writing about the things we are doing or trying out those cool digital photobooks.

So, since my last blog we have moved, it has been crazy and fun and weird. I have never lived outside of the SLC valley, and while I have loved visiting other places I have always loved coming home to the beautiful green mountains and the things I know best.

Now we live in the desert, and I don't mean the desert like SLC is a "desert" I mean lots of rocks and sagebrush. When looking at places to move we saw several cute homes but none had yards, or any grass in sight! So when I saw the outside of this place I was so excited! It has a cute little pool, cute outsides with a mixture of some rocks and..............GRASS!! Our back area is smaller than the last place BUT we have bought some water toys and played out on the grass on multiple occasions already and the boys have LOVED it!

We have explored some splash pads, and the pool that is literally a two minute walk down the parking lot. We have gone to Las Vegas a few times, once to shop for Jaydens birthday coming up and the other to go see the white lions at the MGM Grand. Jayden loved the dolphins there as well and kept telling us they were sharks. Jason would say "Look Jayden a dolphin" to which Jayden would respond "Ya, dolphin! Look a shark" it was so cute! we saw them jumping out of the water above and had them come swim past us several times where you can actually be below and see them in the water.

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