Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tadpoles and Frogs!

Summer has been going by way too fast! It has been pretty crazy with Jason working and me working but after trying for 8 months to get my schedule changed to mornings we have decided its best for me to quit. I am so happy! I am excited to spend more time with my boys without worrying about needing to be to work on time. I can go to the park or splash pad and be able to stay! (just the other day I went to the pool with my mom and dad (since Utah lakes little beach area is flooded) and Jayden only got to be there an hour because of my dang work! I may look for something but I am so happy to not be stressed about trying to get that schedule or any of my other work stresses anymore. :-)

Also we went to a pond nearby several weeks ago and caught tadpoles. I used to do this is a kid when we went to Goblin Valley and Jason and I have looked for them in the past but this year we found some! Two to be exact because it started down pouring on as Jason got those two and of course stopped when we got to the car, but we didnt want to risk it so we headed home with our catch and I was still so excited!!
I called my mom and she and my sister and I packed up all the kids and went and got more for each of us. The kids had a blast trying to catch them at was hot and a little crazy but definitely fun.
After this Jason and I went to get a tank to put them in. Jayden loved it!

He thought if he hid like this we couldnt see him!

I Love this cute little guy!

one of our little froglets now
Some of our tadpoles and froglets

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This shows you how little the frog is.

They love lettuce

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