Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween is coming coming coming

So this year Jason wasn't working and neither was I so we decided to hit the Barnyard Boo at Thanksgiving Point. It was overcast and a little cold but pretty cute. Jayden had a blast running around and seeing the animals. My parents happened to decide to go that day too as it was the last day so we saw them on and off during the time we were there.
This is the cute pumpkin we saw as we walked into the animal area
Cute little Jayden looking at some of the animals.

Some white horses that he really liked there

They had all these hula hoops on the ground, we ran into my parents about the same time we reached these. Jayden had fun playing with them and running around and watching Josh, Nate, Hallie, and Abby try hula hooping. He was so cute when he tried to imitate them.
Jayden and I went on a cute and luckily short wagon ride (he was ready to run right about the time it ended) around the animal area of Thanksgiving Point.
After the wagon ride their story time was about to start so we went in to get our seats Jayden seemed to be excited at first but as the time kept slowly ticking closer to the start the more restless he got. We ended up leaving about 4 lines into her intro since he started to get up and wander around and seemed pretty uninterested. Maybe he will like it in a few years right?! Anywho I had to add a few pictures because he looked so cute sitting on his little bench and wandering around.
They sat on these little benches, I thought the way Jayden was sitting there was so cute! I just had to take a picture!
Jayden sitting next to Nathan. At this point I thought maybe he would last through the story, I was wrong.

This is maybe a minute after the previous picture. It is so cute how curious he is about everything still.
Daddy in the story time area being patient with me trying to decide whether or not to leave

Cute little Landon, being just as patient with Mommy as Daddy

Once we left the story time area we revisited some of the animals we saw before, this time several of the ones that were farther away before were closer, and Jayden was loving it.
This is how Jayden was a lot of the time, excited and running ahead, Daddy following close behind. How cute!!
Jayden was loving this cow staring right at him and being so close!

After we saw them again we went and got a little bit of food and headed over to see all the different kinds of turkeys and the goats. The goats were pretty fun to feed and wanted to lick the food right out of your hand!! There was also some sheep but the only one that came close kept pushing little goats away with his head (butting them basically) Soooooooo of course I did not feed him! I don't feed bully sheep or any other bully animals for that matter. We went over a little and continued to feed the ones he pushed!
This guy kept staring at me and I thought he looked so cute and funny so Jason took a picture.
The same guy walking over to daddy
They had sheep and goats in the same pen and they were walking right up to where Jayden was, he was once again fascinated!!

This one was so cute, jumping right up to eat out of my hand, and leaving a good bit of slobber behind!!

Just thought these little babies were cute learning how to climb on the rocks. That bigger one on top there kept pushing them down, but they were persistent!
Two of my favorite guys! Jayden loves his Daddy so much! It's so cute to see their interactions together. Daddy is his best buddy
Now when we first paid to go in they asked if we wanted a pony ride for Jayden. He just barely turned two and has never really been around horses but we decided to give it a try. I'm so glad we did! He actually sat on the pony! Then got off before it started walking, but asked to get back on and walked in a full circle with it before he decided that was enough pony time for him. It was his first ride ever and he amazed me! Sat on that thing so quick and held on and even pet his neck. It was the sweetest little black pony I wish I woulda asked his name. I may go back and do ask them just that! (If I remember with all the crazyness going on here)
Right after my little munchkin got on the horse he grabbed that piece of the saddle, I didn't even have to tell him where to hold on! He is getting so big.

Petting the pony before the ride started

I walked around with Jayden in this little circle it was pretty dang fun! I look forward to doing this again.

Us walking, he was doing so good I really probably didn't even need to have my hand on his back, but it made me feel better and it didn't bother him.
 After the pony ride we met up with everyone else again (My Mom, Dad, Nathan, Josh, Hallie, and Abby) and all the kids got a little picture painted on their face. I wish I would have gotten one with everyone looking back but I guess I will learn that stuff more as I blog. We did get cute little Jayden again with another first! Getting his face painted!! There was a poster with some pictures and he chose the Frankenstein. He loved watching everyone else get their faces painted and was even patient when a little boys mom kind of butted him in line lol. Glad I have a sweet little boy. His little facial expressions were so cute to watch, he wasn't quite sure what to think but did remarkably well!!

My little mischievous guy crawling up by all her little supplies.
The start of his little painting, I just love that little face he is pulling!

At the end she pulled out a little mirror to show him what it looked like............
He wasn't too sure what to think...

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