Thursday, November 24, 2011

Where has the time gone?!

So like many things in my life my blog sits half done. I have about 5 drafts from blogs I have started but have yet to add pictures... or finish adding pictures. I just wanted to post a quick blog to tell whats been going on.

First and foremost (because I am so very proud) my husband launched his business!
It has been so crazy and fun and all sorts of things. My husband never ceases to amaze me though that's for sure! For awhile he was working full time at his other job while putting in full time hours (honestly usually more than that) trying to get this started. On top of that he found time to be with us and do things.

In all the crazyness of the business, we also moved. This I am also VERY excited for. We have a huge back grass area and a play place for Jayden and Landon to be able to play in. It has lots of room and STORAGE!!!  Landon and Jayden still have their own rooms and our room is bigger (I am able to put my elliptical in it and have been able to take advantage of that a few times already so far and we have only been here 2 weeks! Jason again was awesome, he helped pack, he and my dad moved everything out of our old place and a lot of the stuff into the new place by themselves. My sweet little brother Jesse got off of school about this time and helped finish it up with them. My cute mom had my dad drop of dinner so we could try to unpack a bit. We have gotten most of it done but again thats one of my projects that is not completely done.

Right before we moved I started a BIG TIME clutter clearing session and its been great! I still have plenty to do (again unfinished project lol but honestly I don't think it will ever FULLY be done) I am a very emotional person and I have kept lots of things. I have also learned how great it is to let go of things that remind me of not so good things. As many of you know we had a falling out with my inlaws when they couldn't respect our parenting choices (their friends made fun of our religion and they wouldn't keep illegal drugs away from us when we were visiting etc) The thing that was the hardest was when my mother in law tried to break up our marriage, luckily yet again my husband is amazing and stood up for me and told her if she couldn't respect us and the way we would like to raise our kids and respect the fact that we were married and love each other and she couldn't APOLOGIZE for the horrible things she said and did then we would have to go our separate ways until she could.
Anywho I read a book about how clutter holds energy (negative or positive) and when you pick up something it makes you feel a certain way, well for me this is completely true. So in my clutter clearing process I was able to get rid of several things that reminded me of all those negative things and I cannot describe how freeing its been! I have also been able to let go of simple things that give me good feelings but I just didn't need to have (like cards haha) So right before we moved I filled probably 10 boxes of trash and another 7-8 bags of trash. I also was able to donate A LOT of clothing, some that was brand new! But as a mom I would never wear it, it was more "teenagery" or not my taste anymore. It was really fun to be able to drop off soooo much stuff and know someone else would be able to use it that really needed it.

So all in all it has been a crazy but fun last couple of weeks. Hopefully as time passes and we get more settled I'll be able to finish up those old blogs and post them. As for right now I have been up the last few nights with a teething little Landon and and Jayden has thrown up several times so the crazy life continues! Until next time! Happy Thanksgiving! (Can't wait to show you our cute Thanksgiving treat crafts we are making)


  1. You are so cute! I didn't know you had a blog. So glad to find it. :) It sounds like you are doing well. We need to get together some time. Your family is adorable and I love your coat from your previous post. Where did you get it?

  2. P.s. What is that book?! I really would be interested in reading it.