Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So we found out our apartments were raising the rent 26% (maybe im dumb but that just seemed nuts!!) So we started hunting. It wasnt that we felt we couldnt pay it as much as if we are going to pay that... might as well find a better place right?! anywho so that we did! i found a place i really liked that was actually cheaper than here.. it had several things we loved about it.
1- It's a townhome!! and end one too so no one upstairs or down and only one side neighbor so we have extra windows!!
2- It is in an EXCELLENT location literally two minutes from walmart and TONS of other shopping which I love.
3- It's bigger... enough said there
4- Master bedroom is bigger YAY!!
5- We can BBQ!!! (something I have missed a lot more than I thought I would living here)
6- I can grow a GARDEN again!!! (once again something I have missed way more than I thought I would)
7- We don't have to carry groceries and kids up and down steps outside (fairly narrow ones)
8- And one of the BIGGEST reasons I fell in love was the backyard has a gate that opens to a HUGE grassy area and a playground AND there is another one just across the parking lot with a different style playground!

We went and saw it on Saturday and both loved it, I would have given a deposit then and there but they had other people coming to see it and told us they would let us know by Monday (today) and man I learned one thing... I'm going to HATE the wait when we buy a place because this rental was killing me! Anywho they told us we actually had one person in front of us that qualified and saw the place before us.. I was devastated (no joke my husband can attest to that) but I'm married to such a great guy he came up with a great idea to offer them more!! (after we gave the other people a little while to respond of course) lucky for us the landlords went with it and we have now put the deposit down and signed the lease. :-) now we have until November 7 to be all packed and ready to go! (think we can do it?!) I need to find boxes, we are doing a bunch of other things so this week is going to be CRAZY!! but fun because it will all lead up to the big move. This is a place I can see us staying in for several years until we are ready to own its just so cute and perfect for our family right now.
Anywho wish I could post pictures but I don't have any yet! I will post some once we get a little settled in and everything! Wish us luck with the packing and everything else going on right now. We are sure going to need it! :-)

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